Privates with Chairman

Qualification for Privates with Berny:

  1. Has watched video on or loaner DVD or attended preview
  2. Read about CEO Space on website or attended Preview
  3. Fits – i.e. Business owner, CEO, Executive or Officer of Corp., Entrepreneur, Artist, Author, Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant (CPA), Educator, Inventor or Investor, etc.
  4. Willing to sign a non-disclosure (privates are usually done in a conference room with 8 to 10 people)
  5. Able to pay $500 deposit and understand the cost $7500 (less any available discounts) – must pay to play
  6. Willing to be cooperative and give back
  7. Remember these are the people you are choosing to sit next to and represent us
  8. If you need a real “private” meeting (due to the sensitive nature of your project), please request that

Berny’s time is very valuable and it is an honor to spend time with him and gain from his knowledge.

Please make sure that anyone you sign up understands the commitment they are making by asking for a time slot.

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